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Rhode Island Divorce Document Preparation

Our Divorce Document preparation services are strictly for divorces in Rhode Island. We strongly recommend that you retain the services of our firm to represent you in your divorce.  However, we understand that not everyone can afford to retain an attorney, but still must file for divorce or answer a divorce complaint.

Divorce Document Preparation

Interlocutory Decree and Final Decree


Many people are able to prepare the documents needed to start the divorce process. They are also able to get through the divorce hearing and get an oral decision from the judge. The decision may or may not cover every issue and properly protect the parties’ interests, but a decision is rendered and the divorce may be completed if the Interlocutory Decree and Final Decree are properly and timely filed. 

That’s where things become complicated. There are hundreds if not thousands of pro se divorces in the Rhode Island Family Court where there has been a hearing and a decision by the judge, but the Interlocutory and/or Final Decree are not properly or timely filed and the pro se parties remain divorced! 

Imagine going through the entire divorce process but still not being divorced.

If you’re in that position, or you want to avoid being in that position, we can prepare the Interlocutory and Final Decrees for $299 if you haven’t missed the deadlines. If you have missed a deadline, the cost is $499 because we will have to file a motion or motions on your behalf and make a video court appearance. 

What If I Need Help With the Initial Pleadings?

We can help you with the preparation of the initial pleadings, too, but they vary depending on the facts of the case, whether or not there are children, etc. Contact us to discuss pricing.

Again, our recommendation is to hire us to represent you from the beginning to the end of your divorce, but if you can’t do that we can still be of assistance. 

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