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Visitation issues can make the holidays very difficult. Make sure that you and your co-parent understand the order or agreement well in advance of the holidays. #rilawyer #cpdesq #divorce #lawyer #rhodeisland Warwick, Rhode Island http://delucalaw.com

You can discharge income tax liabilities in bankruptcy. Let me tell you how. Many people don’t even consider filing bankruptcy because they believe it’s not worth it since they still have a delinquent tax burden. But there is a way to discharge income taxes and it’s not as difficult as you may believe. Carl P. DeLuca, Attorney at Law is a bankruptcy lawyer with 35 years protecting clients from creditors. Call or text 401 384-0355. www.delucalaw.com

Can I keep my house in a bankruptcy? The answer to that question is almost always, “Yes,” but there are certain conditions. I’ll explain! www.delucalaw.com, call or text 401 384-0355. 

Carl P. DeLuca, Esq discusses the process and requirement for a termination and adoption in Rhode Island. If a parent is unfit, uninvolved or completely absent from a child’s life the other parent can terminate the absent parent’s parental rights under certain circumstances. Call or text 401 384-0355

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