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Your brand is your business. Did you remember to protect it?

If you have a Website or Social Media presence you need to protect your brand. Let us protect it for you with a registered Trademark.

There was a time when if you were a local business and shared a name with a company 600 miles away you didn’t have to worry about it. Your customers and potential customers were never going to get confused enough to end up at a business half-way across the country.

Trademark Search and Application

So if you were Primo Pizza in Rhode Island, you didn’t really have to worry if there was a Primo Pizza in California. But now, if the Primo Pizza in California was diluting the traffic to your website, or worse yet, getting terrible reviews which people thought were about you, that’s a problem and you need to put a stop to it.

But you can’t! Not, without Trademark protection.

Your Primo Pizza is known for your crisp crust and delicious Italian toppings. You only use the finest and freshest ingredients. The California Primo Pizza has soggy crusts and fruit toppings. They are known for their pineapple pizza. You can’t be associated with that!

If you were Primo Parts and wanted to sell your parts nationwide, you couldn’t allow 10 other Primo Parts companies across the country to steal your business, profit from your reputation or tarnish your brand.

Let us Trademark your company name and Logo and protect your brand from that other Primo Pizza or Primo Parts company. You worked too hard to make a name for yourself to risk leaving it unprotected.

If you have a business name, logo, etc., that you want to protect, contact us now so we can take steps to protect all you’ve worked for! 

Costs and fees vary depending on how many search terms/images are being searched and how many classifications are included in the application process.

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