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South Kingstown Woman Involved in Deadly Crash

A South Kingstown woman who was involved in a fatal crash is facing charges. It’s not clear from the news stories what the cause of the crash was, but this accident tragically ended the life of 20 year-old Leah Ribner and changed the course of Stephanie Brigg’s life forever, whatever the results of the charges against her and the inevitable civil lawsuit on the wrongful death claim.

Sometimes head-on collisions are caused when people fall asleep at the wheel or have a heart attack, or are driving drunk. When I was in law school on Long Island, I was driving east on the LIE (Interstate 495) and a car driving west on the other side of the highway divider veered across the highway and into the car in front of me. 

The driver had a heart attack and his wife tried to grab the wheel but the car still drove into oncoming traffic. I was able to avoid the collision but the car in front of me and behind me were not. There were fatalities and serious injuries resulting from the head-on collision as head-on collisions are particularly dangerous. With the loss of the life of a 20 year old woman, this accident is particularly tragic.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — A South Kingstown woman involved in a deadly crash this past summer is now facing charges, according to the North Kingstown Police Department.

Police said the investigation revealed Stephanie Briggs, 57, crashed head-on into Leah Ribner’s vehicle on South County Trail back in August.

Ribner, 20, was pronounced dead at the scene, while Briggs was taken to Rhode Island Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Woman charged in deadly North Kingstown crash


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