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DIY Uncontested Rhode Island Divorce Checklist - Proceed with Caution

Handling Your Divorce Without a Divorce Attorney

Can you represent yourself without a divorce lawyer in your own uncontested divorce in Rhode Island?  You can use this uncontested divorce checklist at your own risk, but it’s not recommended. If your divorce is uncontested, you have no minor children, no retirement funds, no joint debts and each have your own health insurance, you can use this checklist as a guide. But you need to be able to properly file the initial documents, give proper notice to your spouse, establish the necessary facts for the hearing, make the right requests of the court and file the correct orders in the right format and according to the required timetable. Countless couples have failed to get through the process on their own at all. Many couples have successfully gotten through the hearing only to find that they couldn’t get the final orders filed properly and they remain married!

NOTE: This list is not legal advice. It is an uncontested divorce checklist. The best legal advice we can give you is to hire a divorce attorney.

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File the Initial Documents to Start the Divorce

The below documents must ALL be filed to begin a divorce

NOTE: If you want to do your own divorce but need assistance preparing the documents we can provide those limited services, as well. 

After Your Rhode Island Divorce is Filed

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Your Hearing

After Your Rhode Island Uncontested Divorce Hearing

*** Need help getting the Interlocutory and Final Judgment entered? We can do that for you even if you handle the divorce yourself. Check out our Divorce Document Preparation Services.

We hope this uncontested divorce checklist helps you, but contact us for a free consultation before you use it. Getting through the divorce process is not easy without the help of an experienced divorce attornney.

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