Reduce, Manage and Even Discharge Taxes – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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You Can Use Chapter 13 To Reduce and Pay Off Income Taxes If you are having financial difficulties and tax liabilities are part of the problem, you should talk to an experienced Rhode Island bankruptcy attorney. There are benefits available to you in bankruptcy that are not available anywhere else and even if you don’t […]

Can I Discharge The Taxes I Owe in Bankruptcy?

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Can I Discharge The Taxes I Owe in Bankruptcy? Many people are under the impression that you are forever stuck with tax liabilities and that it’s not even possible to discharge tax debt in a bankruptcy. The truth is that some taxes can be discharged and others you cannot. Timing plays an important part in […]

Can I Keep My IRA in Bankruptcy in Rhode Island?

Can I Keel My IRA in a Bankruptcy?

Can I Keep My IRA in Bankruptcy? In Rhode Island, you can keep your IRA in bankruptcy under most circumstances. When we review your finances we will determine which, if any, of your assets are at risk if you file. In most Chapter 7 filings in Rhode Island, debtors are allowed to keep all of […]

How The Bankruptcy Process Works in RI

The bankruptcy process in Rhode Island

How Your Bankruptcy Attorney Starts the Process We usually start with an intake interview to get a general idea of whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy. Most people who reach out to us are hoping to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and that is the most common type. In a Chapter 7, a client’s […]

Can You Keep Your House in a Bankruptcy in RI?

Can I keep my house in a bankruptcy?

Can You Keep Your House In Bankruptcy? If you are a Rhode Island homeowner considering bankruptcy, you are likely worried about what happens to your house if and when you decide to file. For most people, the mortgage payment represents their largest monthly debt. But most people are willing to do almost anything to keep […]

The Ultimate Guide To Rhode Island Bankruptcy

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The Truth About Bankruptcy: It’s a Financial Tool Many people consider bankruptcy a last resort. As the debts and the collection calls increase the stress mounts and the only reassuring thought for those on the verge of bankruptcy is, at least I haven’t filed for bankruptcy yet.   If this sounds like you, your perspective is […]