Child Support and Income Taxes

Child Support

When parents don’t live with each, the rights and responsibilities regarding child support can be confusing. Contact us to discuss your rights and responsibilities before making a mistake you may have to pay for later.

Rhode Island Divorce Mediation

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I’m a big believer in mediation. I think most cases benefit from mediation, but divorce mediation is a little different and as a divorce lawyer I have a different perspective on mediation than I do as a personal injury lawyer. In Rhode Island, you can’t have a divorce without going to court, testifying and having […]

How Do RI Family Courts Calculate Child Support?

Calculating Child Support in Warwick Rhode island

Usually Child Support is Determined Using a Formula Child support is calculated using a formula that is created and periodically revised by the Rhode Island Family Court. The process of calculating child support is started when either a divorce case is started or when a parent files a motion for child support. It is best […]